3 Life Hacks for Braces

February 5, 2015


Learning to live with braces can be an adjustment for many. The changes necessary in eating, flossing, and brushing can be initially frustrating. With these easy life hacks, these tasks will get easier and more manageable over time. Make sure you use these steps to help you adjust to braces faster, getting back to your normal activities.


Choose the Alternatives


There are many foods that should be avoided when you have braces including caramels, popcorn, extra sugary treats, and anything sticky. While it may seem limiting these changes in diet will help protect your braces and teeth. Once your braces are removed those that were conscious in avoiding these foods will see healthier whiter teeth. Even still it can be difficult to resist these food cravings, try some of these alternatives in your diet:


  • Fresh Organic Healthy YogurtChange up your breakfast to yogurt instead of chewy bread from bagels. This healthy snack can be eaten for and between meals when you have a sweet craving.
  • Granola bars may seem healthy, but the chewy substances can get stuck in your teeth. Instead choose to eat tortilla chips and salsa or even string cheese.
  • Popcorn is one of the biggest dangers to those with braces. You can substitute flavored rice cakes instead. These are made in a variety of flavors and contain much less fat.


Make smarter eating choices with your braces.


Adjust How You Cook Your Food


You may have to ditch some of your favorite meals while you have braces. These easy alternatives can be a great option for cooking your food, and you may find that you enjoy these recipes even more:


  • slow cooker vegetable and beans soupCarrots and other crunchy vegetables are very healthy, but can be damaging to our teeth. Instead steam vegetables to get the same nutritional value without the negative impact on your teeth.
  • Experiment more with your slow cooker. This is an easy way to make a great meal. In addition to this the meats and vegetables cooked here will often be softer and easier to eat for those with braces.
  • Make sure you are getting a balanced diet with a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie. This will be soft on your teeth, and can be a great way to add essential nutrients to your diet.


Wear a Mouthguard in Contact Sports


Contact sports can be dangerous to your teeth whether or not you have braces. However,dribbling it becomes even more imperative to wear oral protection to avoid damage to your teeth and braces. Make sure your child wears their mouthguard for any sport contact in which they are participating.

These three simple life hacks can help make braces a more positive experience. Make sure to protect your teeth to preserve your best smile.

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