3 ways to kick your Soda Habit

August 6, 2014


We all have small guilty pleasures that although may not be good for us physically, we cherish them mentally. If you’re like me, my guilty pleasure is soda, particularly Dr. Pepper. Give me a Dr. Pepper with extra ice and straw any day, and I am one happy camper.

However, if you want to keep your teeth white and pretty, soda isn’t the answer, especially when you are wearing braces! I’ve been trying to kick my soda habit because there are countless reasons why it’s no good for you. Here are some of my recent favorites to help curb the craving and give my teeth a break:

1) La Croix water. Have you ever tasted this magical drink? It is so refreshing, carbonated (a part about soda that I love) and comes in all different flavors. The great part about La Croix is that it isn’t chuck full of artificial sweeteners and the price is great too. For me, this has been one of the best options when I get a soda craving. It’s a great sparkling water!

2) Put some fruit in it! Let’s face it, water is the best, but it can get boring. Since water is the best route to go, I’ve started to add cucumbers, mint, and small slices of strawberries to my water for some extra flavor. Plus, it helps to trick your mind that you’re really drinking a tropical drink on the beach…when in fact, you’re doing the dishes from last night’s dinner.


3) San Pelligrino is delicious and so yummy. Add some lime or lemon and you’re good to go! I’ve found that sparkling water is the best way for me to curb that wicked soda craving.

Their are a lot of ways to kick that soda habit to help your teeth and health!
What are some of your favorite ways to help your soda habit?


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