5 Careers That Demand a Great Smile

October 10, 2013

When people are confident in their smile, their self-esteem soars. Simultaneously, research has shown that people correlate a good smile to a more professional and successful person. Straight teeth are a two-way street—but a great smile is more important in some careers than others. Which careers demand the straightest, whitest and healthiest teeth? Here are five to consider.



It doesn’t matter if you’re working towards a career on Broadway, as a model, an actor or a successful singer. If you dream of being a celebrity, how you look matters and it all starts with your smile. Granted, there are a few celebrities who “made it” even with a less than stellar grin (ahem, Ricky Gervais). But for the most part, your fans want to see you looking your best.



Would you want a trainer with a spare tire or a hair dresser with a horrible mullet cut? If you work in the field of dentistry, whether as a hygienist, dentist, or receptionist for a practice or for a dental society, you need to practice what you preach. You’re working with people who look to you as an expert in oral care, so live up to their expectations.



The hospitality industry runs the gamut from operating a hotel chain to the hostess of a fine dining establishment. When your smile is the first thing customers see, it should stand out. Plus, if you have a waiter who’s constantly hiding his crooked teeth or an event planner at a hotel with coffee-stained teeth, that’s what your customers will be looking at when they should be looking at the night’s specials or catering menus.


Real Estate Agents

Like it or not, realtors are a reflection of the properties they represent. They need to be put together, healthy and seem trustworthy—which are all attributes that people associate with a bright smile and straight teeth. Additionally, realtors are known for having their mugs plastered on everything from buses to park benches. You don’t want to have to depend on a tight-lipped smile, because an open one is what’s welcoming and will get those phones ringing.


The Beauty Industry

Whether you rent a hair station at a salon, specialize in eyelash extensions or operate the best spa in town, if you’re in the beauty and health industry, you need to be physical proof of what you represent. You’re in the business of looking good, and a poor smile can ruin an otherwise flawless image. Take pride in how you look, and you’ll see an ROI via repeat customers and great reviews.


The reality is that pretty much any career can get a boost from a better smile. If you ever see clients, customers, colleagues or others in the industry, you’re being judged, but you can control that judgment. Improve how you’re perceived, and you’ll be on the fast track to a lucrative and satisfying career. As an added bonus, taking care of your teeth can also improve your health, and that’s really something to smile about.

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