5 Foods for Healthy Teeth

February 26, 2015

You know what they say: you are what you eat. Not only will it be detrimental to your body, eating unhealthy foods will be damaging to your teeth. Learn to recognize foods you need to incorporate into your diet for the healthiest smile.


Foods with a Crunch

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Sometimes it’s the texture that makes a food healthy or not. Foods that are crunchy and cause you to chew can do a lot for your teeth. This includes things like carrots and cucumbers, those that have low sugar levels but still have this consistency. Crunchy foods such as these will help scrub the teeth, helping to cleanse against plaque. Be cautious when eating these types of food when you have braces that they don’t get stuck in your brackets.


Lots of Vitamins

omelet with vegetables and cherry tomatoes

Eating vitamin rich foods will help build strength from the inside out. Your teeth need foods with calcium and vitamins to keep the enamel healthy. Eat foods like cheese, spinach, eggs, and fish to get these essentials in your diet.


Sugarless Gum


With this it is important to remember the sugarless stipulation. It can be helpful to your teeth to chew a stick of sugarless gum after meals. Not only does this help remove food residue, but it will also help with the production of saliva, which is essential for protecting your teeth.



caraffa di latte fresco sullo sfondo azzurro

It has been found that drinking a glass of milk can help neutralize some of the acids present in your mouth. This means your teeth will be better protected from the plaque causing bacteria. In addition to this, the high calcium in milk brings enough benefits to better protect your teeth.




Polyphenols, which has been found to keep plaque from sticking to the teeth, are found in cranberries. This comes with a paradox as this tart fruit is often sweetened with sugar, a less than healthy ingredient for our teeth. If possible, consume cranberries without the additional sugar, instead using this delicious fruit for the health benefits.

Be aware of the foods that are healthier for your teeth than others. These five can bring you many benefits, ensuring your dental health is taken care of. Make the changes to your diet to protect your physical health and your dental health. You can make these changes for a more beautiful smile.

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