Before and After: Celebs Get Better Teeth (and More Roles)

September 3, 2013

People often say that celebrities have the time, money, personal trainers, personal chefs and everything else at their disposal to look flawless. That’s certainly true, but one thing that most folks can afford is a great smile—this is where the playing field is much more level. From Invisalign to porcelain veneers, an A-list smile is something very few people are born with. Gone are the days of Chiclet teeth, and you may have forgotten some celebrities who started their careers as extras with less than ideal smiles.

Here’s a look at a few celebrities in their early years with teeth that nearly begged for help. Is there a correlation between getting their teeth straightened and picking their career off the ground? It’s very possible, considering a study published by Kelton Research Group which revealed that people with straight teeth are considered more successful, 73 percent of Americans say they’d trust someone more if they have a nice smile, and that people think straight teeth equals a good personality.

Donald Faison
Whether you remember him from Clueless, loved him on Scrubs or now watch him on the new show Who Gets the Last Laugh?, somewhere during the filming of Scrubs, Faison ditched his crooked canines. It might have been endearing when he played a teenager, but as a grown man, it just looked sloppy. His perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth are now the ideal complement to his staple grin.



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Celine Dion

It’s true: Celine used to have teeth that weren’t horrible, but they weren’t all that great either. They weren’t completely straight, they were dull and they were a bit too small for her face. It was also a little tragic that one of the best voices of the century was trapped inside a smile that was anything but pristine. Celine got her smile fixed discreetly and now all she’s known for is a voice that never stops (Apologies, but unfortunately a flawless smile doesn’t equate to a flawless voice like hers).


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Kirsten Dunst

Hailed by some to be the queen of snaggleteeth, Kirsten actually played it pretty smart when she got her teeth fixed—many people don’t even realize that she did. She didn’t go for “perfect” because that’s not how people saw her. Instead, she just wanted to achieve a better “her” and that includes a little character in her teeth. However, a look at her before and after reveals just how much tooth straightening she did have, and it’s shocking to see how great “imperfect” can be.


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On my way to the Cannes Film Festival, so honored to be a juror. Let the competition begin! 🏆🍾

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Miley Cyrus

She may have just jumped the shark with her 2013 VMA twerking performance, but Disney’s former sweetheart flew right under the radar when she opted to have her teeth “turned up.” People talk about a lot of things like her total 180 from Hannah Montana, her famous father, her seriously young engagement and her chopped off hair. But nobody talks about her teeth, and that’s how fantastic dental work should be: So natural that people really think you were born with it.

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