5 Benefits of Damon System Braces

August 6, 2013

Having a great smile is one thing, but the Damon System goes above and beyond expectations. The Damon System Bracelift brings beneficial changes to the entire face, and it improves a person’s aesthetics for a lifetime. Unlike older braces, the Damon System considers a person’s looks and oral hygiene decades down the road. If you’re wondering if the Damon System Braces are for you, here are five incredible benefits

1. A Broader Smile

People looking for that Julia Roberts-style dazzling smile don’t just want white, straight teeth. They want a broad smile that lights up a room and emphasizes the fact that a smile is everyone’s first impression. The Damon System gives you the appearance of a broader smile, instantly putting all eyes on you. Since an eye-catching smile is linked with more successful, happier people, it’s a relatively easy way to achieve these goals.


2. Better Facial Balance

The secret to beauty isn’t really a secret at all: It’s symmetry. People consider symmetrical things attractive, and the Damon System can help enhance your own facial symmetry. Whether it’s correcting an overbite or “filling in the gaps,” your face depends largely on your smile to set the symmetry stage. People might think it’s a great smile that makes you look so good, but the truth is that your smile is only part of your facial symmetry.


3. Invisible Correction

The Damon System has a clear bracket option so that nobody notices you have braces. Designed for both children and adults, you can enjoy the benefits of braces without the downsides (such as covering your smile when you laugh). Virtually invisible, it’s simple to continue your career or trek through high school without feeling different from everyone else. There’s no need to experience decreased confidence to get a perfect smile.


4. Tie-less Design

Unlike traditional braces the Damon System is “tie-less,” which lets the brackets move freely in the mouth. Not only is this more comfortable, but it also reduces friction. Your teeth will move and feel very similar to when you didn’t have braces, and this is a much easier transition for children.


5. No Increased Cost

Only your orthodontist can determine the cost of braces since every case is unique. However, the Damon System is comparable to the cost of traditional braces and Invisalign. You won’t pay more for better results and a more comfortable experience.

If you’re considering braces to perfect your smile, the Damon System might be for you. Over two million people have benefited from the Damon System, and you could be next. What can an ideal smile do for you? Find out today.

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