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Are Braces Preferred Over Invisalign?

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Two of the most popular orthodontic treatments are Invisalign and braces. There are benefits to both, find out more about each and see which one might be right for you!

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A Look at Orthodontic Appliances

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Orthodontic treatments, like our patients, are all different! Find out more about the different appliances available to see which one might be right for you.

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Tips for Flossing Your Permanent Retainer

An important step after braces or Invisalign is to take care of your retainer. If you have a permanent retainer, it’s just as important to floss as when you had braces. Here are a few tips to make flossing with a permanent retainer much easier.

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5 Foods for Healthy Teeth

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Learn to recognize foods you need to incorporate into your diet for the healthiest smile.

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Is Invisalign Right for You?

Consider these things before determining whether or not you should invest in Invisalign for your teeth.

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