Braces and Candy: What You Need To Know

November 3, 2015

bracescandyHalloween just brought an influx of sugary candy into your home and your children’s hands. If you have children with braces or have braces yourself be careful with candy! Consuming candy while you have braces on is specifically not recommended for a large number of reasons. Eating candy while you have braces on will hurt your chances of having successful orthodontic treatment and the health of your gums and teeth are affected in the long run.

BEWARE of the Sugar!

Sugar is the number one ingredient in candy, which is the major problem when it comes to consuming it with braces. Sugar is a carbohydrate that feeds off of the bacteria located on your teeth turning the lethal combination into acid. This acid causes tooth decay to form and creates plaque build-up. Teeth without braces are at risk, once you add orthodontic brackets and bands your teeth are the number one target for tooth decay and cavities. Braces create a barrier inside your mouth for candy to get trapped in places that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush, this is a tooth’s worst nightmare.

Although some candies are better for your teeth when it comes to braces they are all considered harmful. From the sour gummies to sticky toffee to gooey candy bars, regardless of the form of candy it can cause damage to your teeth. When biting into candy your teeth take the stress of breaking down the candy so it is chewable. When biting into candy with braces on they brackets and bands are also taking the stress of breaking down the candy to make it chewable. More often than not this will cause the bracket or bands to break by “popping off”. For some patients a loose bracket or band will set their treatment back one or two months.

Cavities cause your teeth to feel very sensitive but the pain associated with candy can be worse. Imagine getting your archwire adjusted and having a very sore mouth, then attempting to chew sticky candy. That is more pain that your sweet treat is worth! Try an alternative like baking or preparing a sweet treat to tame that candy craving. It is okay to enjoy candy every once in awhile just take precaution and proper after dental care. When choosing a candy that is best for braces look for soft chocolate or bite sized chocolates. After indulging in your sweet tooth, always be sure to brush your teeth and floss immediately after.

Smile Ranch hopes you all had a safe and Happy Halloween! For more tips for living Life with Braces visit our page or contact us at (801) 272-9900.

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