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September 26, 2013

Celebs Who Made “Brace Face” Legendary

It’s probably been a long time since you faced the gauntlet that’s Junior High and High School. However, those awkward teenage years (and sometimes embarrassing adult interludes) have been captured for all eternity in some of your favorite films and TV shows. In Hollywood, braces are the hallmark of the geeky kids, the misfits and…

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September 5, 2013

Season Long Monday Night Football Giveaway

Monday Night Football Contest: There Will Be Winners and They’re Not All on the Field! Smile Ranch is so excited for the 2013 football season and the return of Monday Night Football that we decided to have a season long contest.  We hope you will join us in a little interactive fun and wish you…

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September 3, 2013

Before and After: Celebs Get Better Teeth (and More Roles)

People often say that celebrities have the time, money, personal trainers, personal chefs and everything else at their disposal to look flawless. That’s certainly true, but one thing that most folks can afford is a great smile—this is where the playing field is much more level. From Invisalign to porcelain veneers, an A-list smile is…

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August 20, 2013

5 Top Myths About Braces

There are some things about Middle School that stick with you for life—your first game of spin the bottle, your first locker and of course the stigma of “brace face.” If you escaped the clutches of braces as a teen, the last thing you probably want to do is sign up for it as an…

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August 13, 2013

How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy with “Braces”

How do you keep your teeth extra clean while using Invisalign? While it’s different than traditional braces, there’s still a lot of care that goes into them! Find out how to clean your teeth efficiently while using Invisalign.

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