Celebs Who Made “Brace Face” Legendary

September 26, 2013

It’s probably been a long time since you faced the gauntlet that’s Junior High and High School. However, those awkward teenage years (and sometimes embarrassing adult interludes) have been captured for all eternity in some of your favorite films and TV shows. In Hollywood, braces are the hallmark of the geeky kids, the misfits and are sometimes the one thing holding back an ugly duckling from turning into a gorgeous swan.

Fortunately, Tinseltown is also known for getting things flat out wrong. With Invisalign, braces are invisible—just like the smoke and mirrors employed by production crews. Braces aren’t the reputation killer they were made out to be in the Brat Pack era, especially now that they’re much more comfortable and come in a Skittles rainbow of colors. However, it’s still fun to trip down memory lane and remember a few celebs who donned epic Brace Faces.

1. Cynthia Nixon

The Sex and the City episode where Miranda (Nixon) got adult braces for her TMJ certainly conjured up some throwback feelings. A date where she gets spinach in her teeth. Thinking she’s getting laughed at during a meeting. You’d think such a successful New York lawyer would have opted for Invisalign.

2. Lisa Simpson

Even animated characters know all too well the anxiety of Brace Face. After Homer’s company takes away the dental plan, Lisa Simpson lives through just how horrific her impending teeth straightening can be, to the tune of massive metal braces that break a mirror. Of course, the reality—even in Springfield—is nothing like that. If only someone had told Lisa that she could get braces in her signature red to match her dress.

3. Maureen McCormick

Better known as Marcia Brady, The Brady Bunch episode where Marcia gets braces is one for the record books. When she convinces herself that she’s ugly—and coincidentally her boyfriend tries to break up with her when it has nothing to do with her new look—it was 30 minutes of torture for many of the show’s fans. Marcia lived in a time where braces were pretty boring, and the only option were the old school metal kind. Today’s Marcias’ have color and Invisalign to choose from.

4. Faith Hill


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Another adult Brace Face, this country singer was proud to show off her new grill at the 2013 Grammy’s—except it wasn’t as new as everyone thought. At 45 years old, she may be way beyond what some people consider the “normal” age to wear braces, but even a beauty like Hill believes there’s no age limit to self-improvement and taking care of your health. She’s worn braces before, as a kid, but failed to wear the complementing retainers. Her advice to others? “Kids, wear your retainer!”

5. Katy Perry


This pop singer loves playing up her smile, and she even confused a few paparazzi when she showed up at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards sporting a grill, which at first glance looked like some blinged out braces. But she has donned braces before, in her hit “Last Friday Night,” where she tapped into her inner 80s child complete with some serious metal and head gear. It was an exaggeration for sure, but it all came together for the ultimate throwback video.

Whether you consider yourself more of a Lisa Simpson or a complete Marcia, the reputation (and look) of braces have changed drastically in recent years. Remember the Dorothy Parker phrase, “Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses?” Thankfully, that idea has been buried, and braces are the next fashion statement to take on outdated fashion advice.

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