Choosing the Right Orthodontist

September 10, 2014

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Before you make the commitment of braces, make sure that you have found the right orthodontist. There are many factors to consider when making this important decision for your teeth, ensure that your orthodontist fits in well with the needs of your teeth, and can deliver the best care at the most reasonable price. Ask yourself these questions and more before making your final decision at the orthodontist.

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Do They Offer the Services I Need?


Some orthodontists are so specialized in one specific area that they might not offer the treatment you need. After you have an orthodontic evaluation, you should know exactly what treatments you will need, helping you to plan out the course of your orthodontic work. If you would prefer to straighten your smile without the intrusion of wires and metal brackets, make sure the orthodontist you visit specializes in Invisalign treatment.


Do Your Research


Most orthodontists will not only allow you to stop by their office before committing to treatment to get a feel for them, but also have a website available where you can learn more about them and their practice. Don’t choose an orthodontist who doesn’t seem professional or that you don’t feel comfortable working with. At your initial consultation you should ask the orthodontist how much the total cost will be, how long it will take, and what to expect from the final results. By doing this there will be no surprises at the completion of treatment.


Before and After


By asking to see some before and after pictures of an orthodontist’s past patients, not only are you ensuring they have a patient history, you can also see how effective the smile transformations have been. Don’t hesitate to look at the transformations most similar to the changes that will be happening to your teeth, and see how the end results look. If possible talk with past or current patients of the orthodontist to determine what their opinion of the experience has been.
Carefully choose the right orthodontist for your situation, ensuring your perfect smile will come as soon as possible. This will be beneficial to you in creating a healthy smile to last a lifetime.


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