Christmas Candy & Braces: What’s Going to Get You on the Naughty List?

December 7, 2015

Christmas Candy & Braces
Christmas parties, festivities, lights, gifts, giving, and…. broken brackets? Don’t let poor choices ruin your holiday season this year. This Christmas, keep your teeth healthy by choosing the right candy to eat with braces.

Candy to Avoid

Avoid these sticky holiday candies this year:

    • Candy canes – while this may be a holiday tradition, stay away if you have braces. Biting into hard candies like this can lead to cracked brackets. In addition to this, sucking on candy canes for a long period of time leaves sugary residue on the teeth, which can lead to cavities.
    • Caramel – anything sticky and likely to get stuck in your braces should be avoided. Caramels, taffy, or anything similar to that consistency are dangerous to your braces.
    • Mixed nuts – no matter the season, avoid eating nuts of any kind with braces. This salty treat will get stuck on your braces, possibly breaking brackets.

Candy to Eat

While there are a few candies to avoid, there are plenty you can still eat this holiday season. Focus on the good rather than the negative when choosing the right candy:

      • Pumpkin pie – soft pumpkin pie is good for your teeth, and unlikely to get stuck in your braces.
      • Fruit – fruit and whipped cream can be a great holiday treat for braces wearers. Make sure to cut apples into bite sized pieces. Fruit like bananas, oranges, and others can be a great holiday treat.
      • Peanut butter cups – since peanut butter cups will melt in your mouth, reducing chewing needs, they are an ideal holiday treat for those with braces. Hersheys kisses, chocolate bars, and other chocolate candy like this are great options. There are many different options of holiday candy without toffee, nuts, caramel, or other dangers to braces.

Enjoy the holidays this year with the right types of sweets. Avoid those that can easily get stuck in your braces, or possibly break the brackets. There are many different options for those who have any orthodontic work. Make sure you are aware of the potential dangers with braces and candy, and know which to avoid and which to enjoy.

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