Crazy Superstitions About Crooked Teeth

October 16, 2013

smile ranch orthodontics invisalignHalloween is right around the corner, and your dentist or hygienist is probably armed with plenty of lectures about the dangers of a sugar overdose. While cavities and sugar go together like a witch and a broomstick, this year get into the spooky spirit by checking out some crazy superstitions and old wives’ tales on less than perfect teeth. Straight, white, healthy teeth have always been a hallmark of beauty—but back in the day, teeth held even more reverence.


Mind the Gap


Madonna is arguably the queen of pop with no one able to take over her throne. Maybe it’s Madge’s iconic gap in her front teeth that got her to where she is. According to legend, a gap in your teeth is a symbol of good luck, and a mark of the blessed. Of course, your dentist probably just considers it a cry for help and you might think of it as a reason to adopt a closed-mouth grin for pictures. Chances are, Madonna probably would have shot to fame regardless of her gap, so you can rest assured Invisalign or braces will improve your smile and alignment without messing with your destiny.

However, if you have broad front teeth, it’s alleged that you’ll be a lifelong world traveler. Now that’s a superstition that’s worth considering, but don’t put away your luggage just because you have more oval-shaped front teeth. The places you’ll go doesn’t depend on the shape of your teeth—but folks with naturally broad teeth might take this as the push they need to book that getaway.


Options for Baby Teeth


It’s no surprise that when baby teeth fall out, there’s a plethora of options (and smile ranch orthodonticssuperstitions) to go along with this milestone. It’s said that if you put a baby’s tooth into a rat hole, the new adult tooth will grow in beautifully. Good luck finding a rat hole, but take solace in the fact that regular dental checkups and pain-free braces can do the same trick—but with a guarantee.

On the other hand, if no rat holes are available, you can always toss the baby tooth over your shoulder, but be careful. If you just keep on walking, a straight adult tooth will grow in its place. If you turn back and look, it will grow in crooked. This is sheer superstition too, and besides, how will the tooth fairy ever find the baby teeth if they’re thrown around willy nilly?


Wise Moves


Did you wait until adulthood to have your wisdom teeth removed, or do you still have them today? If you’re the superstitious type, this means you’ll have a long life. Of course, this “sage” advice comes from the same ill-advised rumors that if a dog swallows a baby tooth, a dog tooth will grow in its place. A better route to a long life is good dental hygiene, which is innately tied to all kinds of prevention, from diabetes complications to heart disease.

As the witching hour creeps closer, it’s best to keep the superstitions to black cats and avoiding walking under ladders (at least for fun, one night out of the year). We’ve come a long way since superstition ruled dental care, and that’s a great thing. Otherwise, we’d all be walking around with literal canine teeth and whitening our teeth by scrubbing them with cigar ash.

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