Creation of Teal Drone a dream come true for recent high school graduate George Matus

July 20, 2016

George Matus dreams of flying. Ever since his family moved to Utah when he was a kid, it’s all he ever thinks about. And after flying his first drone at 11, and competing as a professional drone racer at 16, he has a drone of his own creation- the world’s fastest consumer drone on the market. It’s called “Teal”, and it shoots 4K video at speeds up to 85 miles per hour.


After starting the company, originally named iDrone, two years ago, Matus has since raised 2.8 million dollars toward he project, which launched July 20.


We sat down with George, a former patient at Smile Ranch, for the inside scoop on his new tech.


Smile Ranch: What is the name of your drone?


George: Teal.


SR: How did you design and build it? Did you do it yourself?


George: I started building and flying drones when I was about 9 years old, and started iDrone (now “Teal”) about two years ago during my sophomore year of high school. That’s about the time that we raised our pre-seed round of funding and started development on iDrone Dream. I’ve been heavily involved in all aspects of the development, from design, electrical, prototyping, and manufacturing.


We are actually one of the first drone companies to be fully headquartered and manufacturing here in the USA. We’re building the PCBAs, doing our plastic injection molding, assembly, packaging, and shipping all in the states.


SR: Are they for sale?


George: We launched today! You can reserve your own Teal on our website and be one of the first to receive it before the end of the year.



SR: How did you manufacture it?


George: We designed Teal to be limitless in its capabilities. It’s not restricted to a specific niche or use case, but is instead a universal platform with an operating system built in, and is completely modular and versatile on the hardware side. This means that it can do all the beginner tasks from aerial photography and videography, all the way to more advanced things like follow the user, racing, and gaming! Dream also has a lot of opportunities in the commercial market with search and rescue, agriculture monitoring, building/bridge inspections, etc.. The sky is no longer the limit!


SR: What was your motivation in designing and building your own drone?


George: Since I started flying about 10 years ago I was able to test out and fly most of the other model aircraft and drones on the market. That whole time I was creating a wish list of everything that I would want in a drone if I was ever to build my own. And two years ago when I saw a gap in the market and realized I could start building some pretty cool things, I started Teal.


SR: What is your end goal? Where do you see yourself going with this?


George: I think the company has a big opportunity with the technology we’ve developed, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!


You can order Teal Drone online at Pre-orders are guaranteed to arrive before the holidays and will come with additional perks.

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