Dealing With Broken Braces

August 27, 2014


Over the course of your orthodontic work, there are chances for problems to occur. Despite even the best efforts to keep our teeth safe during this important time, sometimes accidents happen. If you have a problem with your braces, it is important to schedule an appointment immediately. In between your appointment and the time of damage, there are a few things you can do to protect your mouth and keep your braces from further damage. Become familiar with the different problems that can occur with your braces, and what you can do to make it better.


Loose Band


The bands are made of metal or ceramic and will attach to the back teeth, going completely around the tooth. This should not be confused with the elastic bands that are replaced at every orthodontic visit. These bands can sometimes become loose or even fall entirely off. If this happens, do not try and put the band back on your tooth, but save it to bring back into the orthodontist.


Loose Bracket


Each bracket is made of either metal or ceramic pieces that will attach to the front of each tooth. The ceramic brackets are more easily broken, but problems can happen with metal brackets as well. Chewing on a food that is sticky can cause the composite resin holding each bracket on to become weakened, loosening the bracket. This may cause the loose piece to irritate the inside of your mouth, especially the gums. If this happens put your orthodontic wax over the bracket to prevent it from poking the inside of your mouth. Schedule an appointment immediately to get the problem fixed.


Broken Wire


This is the most common problem with orthodontic work, and can come accompanied by quite a bit of pain. If a wire is loosened from where it should be secured it will poke into the cheek, tongue, or gum, causing pain and discomfort. Do not attempt to cut this wire, as this can cause more danger for your oral health. If you have a point of pain caused from this, use a salt water rinse to ease the pain. Here you can also use your wax from the orthodontist to stop the point of the wire. Make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get the problem mended.

Don’t let these broken braces throw a wrench in your orthodontic care, take the steps to protect your teeth. Above all, schedule an appointment with your orthodontist if you have broken or loose wires, brackets, or bands. Getting the problem taken care of as soon as possible will prevent greater problems from arising down the road.

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