Foods That Relieve Brace Pain

December 17, 2013

Contrary to what you may have heard, getting braces isn’t technically “painful” for most smile ranch orthodonticspeople—but they can be a little uncomfortable and can take some getting used to in the beginning. It all comes down to you, your pain threshold and just how easily you adjust, but don’t worry. Besides the initial “getting braces” stage and any adjustments, you’ll probably forget you even have braces. That being said, there’s an added bonus: Some foods actually help relieve any brace pain you may experience, and they’re delicious to boot.


The Center for Young Women’s Health at the Children’s Hospital in Boston recently released some information on key foods that help with pain associated with braces. It’s normal for your mouth to feel sore for a day or two after tightening, but why not get a little relief? In general, softer foods will feel better on your mouth and cold treats like yogurt or ice cream can also help if you don’t have sensitivity to cold. Here are some ideas on what to eat throughout the day to help soothe any discomfort.


The Most Important Meal of the Day


The day after getting braces or getting them tightened, choose breakfast foods which are smile ranch orthodontics bracessoft, cool or room temperature. Avoid hot favorites like toaster waffles or eggs fresh out of the pan. Let them cool, or put waffles in the microwave for a softer texture. Many fruits are a good bet, as well as a creamy yogurt or a smoothie with no seeds. Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to eat breakfast foods at breakfast.


A warm cup of soup, Greek yogurt with honey or cottage cheese are also great choices. When it comes time for lunch, skip the sandwich and head for comfort foods like mac and cheese. During this time opt for soft fruits or blueberries in lieu of crunchy veggies—however, if you’re really craving vegetables, steam them until they’re soft and mushy enough to eat comfortably. Mashed avocados, many types of pastas and even snacking on peanut butter will all feel good on sore mouths.


A Delectable Dinner


You can still eat many meats, if that’s your main source of protein, as long as they’re smile ranch orthodontics invisaligncooked for a long time such as in a slow cooker or meatloaf. You can also swap them out for warm tofu with some soy sauce, which will act as a soothing agent on your gums. Rice, couscous and quinoa can actually prevent gums from getting more irritated, and are very filling sides. Polenta, mashed potatoes and creamed corn are also great options.


The best news? Many desserts are soft and soothing, whether it’s chocolate lava cake, ice cream or pudding. This is your excuse to make the most of these couple of days of discomfort and indulge in some comforting favorites. Jell-O is a famous sore mouth food for good reason—it’s soft, cooling and (for those counting calories) the sugar-free variety tastes just as good, while only packing 60 calories.

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