Getting Your Braces Off Sooner

October 14, 2014

While braces bring many benefits, they can also cause a few inconveniences along the way. Orthodontic treatment is necessary for many to obtain straight teeth, making these small inconveniences worth it in the end. Your orthodontist will give you a general time frame as to when you can expect your orthodontic work to be completed. This time may be slightly shorter or longer depending on you. Follow these tips to ensure your orthodontic works gets done on time, and maybe even faster.


Dental Hygiene

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Dental hygiene is always important, but taking proper care becomes even more critical when orthodontic work is in place. Keeping your mouth healthy will allow the teeth to more easily move into their proper positions, reducing the time it will take. Gum disease and other dangerous issues will make it difficult for the teeth to move as they should, lengthening the process.


Careful What You Chew


Foods that require you to chew and bite with your front teeth including apples should be cut into smaller pieces.This will reduce the chance you have to get these foods stuck in your teeth, which will add pressure to the braces as well as lead to plaque. Make sure after eating foods you take the time to brush and clean your teeth, removing any substance left behind. In addition to this, avoid chewing on nonfood items. This includes your nails, ice, the end of a pen, and more.


Follow the Instructions

Sometimes orthodontic work isn’t as simple as wearing the braces and keeping them clean. Other treatments may be needed in addition such as spider appliances, headgear, rubber bands, or other treatments. Each of these require the diligence of the wearer to follow these steps in addition to their orthodontic work. The same is true of those who choose Invisalign treatments. Make sure you follow the advice of your orthodontist, wearing each component when necessary. This will help to significantly speed up the process.


Avoid the Sugary and Sticky

Foods that are sugary and sticky may be doing more damage to your braces, pulling the brackets right from the teeth. This also has the chance to disrupt the wiring in your mouth, causing more advanced problems. Be sure to avoid these sticky foods to avoid this damage.

Your orthodontic work is important in delivering the perfect smile. Make sure you are following the right steps to ensure a healthy transformation in your mouth, ensuring the work is done faster than ever before.

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