How to Find the Best Orthodontist Near You

May 9, 2022

Are you ready to get that smile you always wanted, but are brand new to the area and have no idea where to start? We are here to help you find the best orthodontist near you! Scheduling consultations, asking the right questions, and doing your own research, are the best ways to get you started in your search, so you and your family can feel like you found the perfect match to keep you smiling for days! 

A Few Things to Consider

It is important to consider a few things first to ensure you are in good hands with the best orthodontist to get the job done! There are some things you want to keep in mind during your search that could be more important to you than it is others. Here are a few of those things to start you in your search for your new orthodontist:

Education and Years in the Field

Just because an orthodontist has his license and degree, does not mean he is the best one for you or your family. We recommend asking your potential orthodontist about his background and experience with providing treatment. The professionals at Smile Ranch have been practicing orthodontics for 30+ years. If you have any questions or concerns with finding the right orthodontist for you, feel free to contact us for a free consultation


Speaking of free consultations, you can usually expect an orthodontist to offer you one before scheduling an appointment, but some may charge you. Orthodontic work can be pricey as is, so we highly recommend finding someone who is willing to do it for free. That way you can also avoid wasting your time if they don’t end up being who you are looking for.

Treatments Offered and Costs

Before settling with an orthodontist, you are going to want to make sure that the orthodontist you are looking into offers the treatment you are needing. Not to mention, how much these treatments are going to cost. Before deciding, it would be best to ensure whether or not your future orthodontist accepts your insurance. At Smile Ranch we offer a variety of treatments and latest technology in improving your teeth. From traditional braces to The Damon® System and Invisalign®, we can provide you with quality care and preferred treatments for you and your family. 


Being surrounded by happy staff and an environment where you feel safe and taken care of, can be important when receiving treatment. A negative environment can cause more stress than you might already have before getting the dental treatment that you need. It’s important you feel comfortable and enjoy the company of the staff who are assisting you.

How to Get Started in Your Search

When starting your search for the best orthodontist near you, it is important to prepare a few questions to ask yourself. The best way to get started is confirming the location is convenient to where you live or work. Another important consideration is if the orthodontist’s office is near your child’s school. This can save a lot of stress and travel time on your future appointments. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Salt Lake, Lehi, or South Jordan, then Smile Ranch has three convenient locations for you to choose from.

How to Find the Best Orthodontist in South Jordan, Salt Lake City Or Utah

Finding the best orthodontist can feel time consuming, but we promise it’s worth it. You definitely want to find someone who you can trust and your family can also feel comfortable with. If you are feeling stuck on your search, we have the perfect tools to help you get started:

  • If you have insurance, your provider will refer you to a list of orthodontists in your location. Be sure to call your orthodontist’s office to ensure they take your insurance.
  • Family and friends can be the best sources for referring you to a great orthodontist. Searching for client reviews can also help you with your decision. Check out our reviews to see what previous clients had to say about us! 

As soon as you find an orthodontist near you, be sure to research more and look over their website and social media to confirm if they look like the perfect match.

A Few Questions You Should Ask

It’s good to have a few options to choose from, so you can ensure you choose the best orthodontist for you. We recommend visiting those orthodontists and scheduling consultations to answer any questions you might have.  Some questions to consider before or during your consultation:

  • What kind of treatments are you looking for? 
  • Does the office meet with your benefit and insurance plan?
  • If insurance does not cover, how much will visits cost?
  • Are there any previous orthodontic concerns you have that your potential orthodontist should be aware of?
  • What types of braces or treatments does the orthodontist offer?
  • Are you looking for dental treatment for your kids?
  • Will the orthodontist provide health information and proper treatment care instruction?
  • Can they show you similar dental cases to yours?

Time to Choose An Orthodontist

Having the right resources and questions in mind can help you to be successful during your search and confident in your decision. Finding someone close to you doesn’t have to be hard once you have done all the research you can. 

If you live in Salt Lake, Lehi, or South Jordan, Utah then Smile Ranch is your friendly, local office that can help you to feel satisfied with your decision. Wait no more and start your visit right away! Call us today, so we can get you started in providing that smile you always wanted!

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