How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy with “Braces”

August 13, 2013

You know that Invisalign is a system that lets you straighten your teeth and lets you correct over or under-bites discreetly. But isn’t it a Herculean challenge to keep your mouth and teeth as clean as they should be with “braces?” You might remember horror stories from Junior High about the challenges of flossing, or how some kids’ teeth were yellow after having their braces removed since they weren’t diligent enough about brushing through the devices.

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However, you’ve also heard about the many health benefits of straight teeth, which are an excellent side dish to a beautiful smile. The good news is that with Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about proper cleaning—of your mouth or Invisalign.

Think You’ve Never Seen Anyone with Invisalign Before?

Think again. They’re all around you. Similar to those custom bleaching trays that are molded to fit your teeth—except much thinner and fitted—Invisalign isn’t a permanent fixture in your mouth. It fits over your teeth so perfectly that it “sticks” very well, but it’s also simple to remove. Consider it a protective coating, much like a top coat on a manicure.



The Cleaning Process

Your orthodontist can tell you exactly how long you should leave Invisalign in each day, but it’s usually 20-22 hours. During that two-four hour break, you can brush, floss, and have a fluoride rinse just like you do now. Conveniently, this gives you enough time to take care of oral health morning and night. There are no wires to navigate, areas you can’t reach or the risk of “blind spots.”

Caring for Invisalign

Use this time to care for your Invisalign system, too. You can use a kit to cleanse the aligners, or simply brush them in lukewarm water just like you do with your teeth. Who knew getting straight teeth, along with all those health perks, was so easy?

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