How to Nail the Selfie Smile

March 18, 2014

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the selfie isn’t going anywhere—even the Muppets have jumped on this bandwagon. However, there’s an art to taking a selfie and the first rule is no duckface. The second rule is make sure you have straight teeth. That being said, it’s clear that you need to rock a great smile for your Instagram fan base. Follow these tips on getting the perfect smiling selfie because, let’s face it, those “stoic” pics are going to be the ones you’re shaking your head about in a few years (which, of course, is where #smh, or shaking my head, comes from). Instead, work on perfecting that smile for the camera.



Tap Into Your Beauty Queen or King


Whether you’re a woman or man, young or old, act like you’re the crown jewel of a parade. Practice a smile that can be worn for long stretches of time. These smiles are gentle, allowing your face to feel relaxed. Mouths should be slightly open with the lower lips aligning to the shape of your upper teeth. Cheeks should rise a little, but not enough to allow for too many wrinkles near the eyes.


Get a Strong Jaw


Double chins aren’t just for those carrying excess weight. Your posture plays a key role in your jawline and how defined it is. Slouching, attempting to tuck your chin to make your face appear slender or an odd angle can all cause the appearance of a double chin. Remember, your smile is more than just your mouth—it impacts your whole face. Just drop your head a bit to ensure the chin isn’t square with the camera and pull the shoulder blades together slightly.


Prioritize White Teeth


There are two things that impact how white your teeth are (and look in a selfie): Literally how white your teeth are, and the lipstick shade you wear (if any). White teeth are a sign of health and good hygiene, and regular whitening treatments, either in-office or at home, should be part of your regimen. Avoid foods and drinks that stain, especially right before taking a selfie, and choose a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone but isn’t too dark.


Practice Confidence


You don’t need a “perfect” smile to take confident selfies, but you do need to own what you have. Plenty of celebs don’t have those Chiclet teeth, such as Tom Cruise, but they’re confident in their own skin (and teeth). However, if you’ve been plagued by crooked teeth your whole life and work your selfies around them (whether it’s via the dreaded duckface or intentionally closed-lip smile), it’s never too late to take action. Options like Invisalign can straighten teeth at any age, and they’re so discreet that you can proudly take mega-watt selfies even while wearing them—or you can easily take them off for photos, meals or romantic nights.


Practice makes perfect, and having resources at your fingertips, like a reputable orthodontic team, can help boost your confidence and vastly improve your photos. The next time a photo opportunity strikes, ditch the filter and get back to basics.

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