Braces for All Ages

Early Treatment:

The bite of the back teeth is established when the first molars erupt. At that time, (around age 7) we can evaluate the position of the upper and lower teeth as they bite together to ensure they are not in an unhealthy position.

For some, a timely screening will lead to significant treatment benefits; for most, the principal immediate benefit is a parent’s peace of mind. For those patients who have clear indications for treatment at an early age, this treatment presents the opportunity to:

  • Influence jaw growth in a positive manner.
  • Harmonize width of the dental arches.
  • Improve tooth eruption patterns.
  • Lower risk of trauma to protruded upper incisors.
  • Correct harmful oral habits.
  • Improve esthetics and self-esteem.
  • Simplify and/or shorten treatment time for later orthodontics.
  • Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth.
  • Improve some speech problems.
  • Preserve or gain space for erupting permanent teeth.

Teens & Adolescents:

Between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common time for orthodontic treatment – and for good reason. By 12, most if not all of the permanent teeth have erupted and are in place, and crooked teeth, gaps and bad bites can easily be treated. These problems will hardly ever correct themselves, so this is when most parents decide to seek orthodontic treatment.

For most teens, braces are a right of passage; something they share with other kids their age. Many can hardly wait until they can get their braces on – and that’s good for a number of reasons. While it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment, having braces or Invisalign as a teen lets us take advantage of the natural growth happening during these important developmental years. Their higher metabolism helps us shape the bite and teeth correctly, minimizes discomfort and helps us shorten overall treatment times in many cases

Adult Treatment:

More and more adults today are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their smile. In fact, about 25 percent of our patients are adults! We offer a full range of treatments specifically designed for adults – leaving you with a dramatically different smile and healthier bite.

Orthodontic treatment is not only designed to improve the appearance of your smile, but improve the health of your teeth and gums as well. By seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult you can possibly avoid severe tooth decay, gum and bone loss, irregular wear of the tooth enamel, and TMJ/TMD pain.

Because adults are highly motivated to complete their orthodontic treatment they are  usually more compliant with the instructions for wear and care of orthodontic appliances.  This can result in treatment time that’s less than that for a teenager, with the same great results.

We offer a wide selection of braces to meet the individual needs and desires of each of our adult patients. From traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces to clear aligners called Invisalign, we are confident we can help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Don’t ever feel it’s too late to enhance your smile. The benefits to your health and appearance have no age limitis! Schedule your free consultation today and let us help you start your journey to receiving a beautiful, straight smile!

Options for Adults:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Tooth-colored, Ceramic braces
  • Clear “Invisible” Aligners – for an improved smile without braces
  • Accelerated treatments – shortening overall treatment time significantly by using Acceledent-Aura device

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