Selecting The Coolest Colors For Your Braces

January 22, 2016

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So you just got braces, and now you’re faced with making the most difficult decision of your young life: selecting colors. There is an infinite amount of combos and colors, but discovering the right combo for you is essential. Follow these simple guidelines and own your smile. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up being the kid with the coolest colors in school.

Find a Color Wheel

In other words, look at a color wheel and do some research. You may think this easy, but it’s not. Just because you CAN pick your favorite color DOESN’T mean you should. Have you ever seen a person with what you thought was something green stuck in their teeth, only to discover it wasn’t lettuce or food, but the color of their braces? Yeah, you don’t want to be that person. Find a color wheel, play around with different combos, and ask what your friends and family think.

Select Something Meaningful

This can go many different directions. The key here is to select as many meaningful colors as you can and then plan them out accordingly (you probably don’t want Christmas colors in July, but hey, it’s your mouth). Here are some “meaningful ideas” if you haven’t already thought of some:


  • Your national colors (so many possibilities)
  • Favorite color (again, green and black might look like food)
  • Colors of your favorite sports team
  • School colors

Consider Skin Tone and Hair Color

Skin tone and hair color will impact the way your braces look. A dark purple might look good if you have dark hair and skin, but maybe clash on someone with very fair skin and light hair. Dark skin will probably look great with dark blue, gold, pastel blue, pink, and fuchsia. Light skin will likely go well with blue-red, blue-green, salmon, bronze, and caramel. Of course, this isn’t a perfect science — just be aware that the color of your skin could make a difference.

Match With Your Outfits

OK, this might be more of a girl thing, maybe, but it’s still a great idea. If you’re organized enough to plan out your outfits for the month, you should consider pairing braces colors with (combination) your clothes. Picking a single color might be best if you go with this option.

Own Your Smile

No matter the braces color(s) you select, own your smile. If you find yourself not in love with a color combination, don’t worry, you can switch it out at your next orthodontic appointment. Have fun with your braces — when it’s all said and done, you’ll have a beautiful new smile. If you haven’t already selected your orthodontist, consider Smile Ranch. We have locations throughout the state in Salt Lake and Lehi. Take virtual tour of our Salt Lake, and Lehi offices, and contact us today with questions and a free initial consultation.

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