Tantalizing Valentine’s Day Goodies That Work with Braces

February 3, 2014

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and romance is in the air—but if you’re in the midst of straightening your teeth, you want to make sure the “romance” doesn’t wind up in your braces. The good news? If you have Invisalign from Smile Ranch Orthodontics, no V-Day treats are off limits. Go ahead and indulge in those chocolate covered strawberries at brunch or go wild with the caramel nut chocolates.


But if you chose the path of more traditional braces, you might need to avoid certain sweets (especially if you’re going on a date). Perfecting your smile is important, but some foods are simply trickier (and stickier) than others. However, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day-approved goodies to up the love factor without having you rushing to the bathroom to check your teeth. Here’s the brace-wearers ultimate guide to the most romantic day of the year.


Your Go-To Picks


The smooth, buttery sweetness of avocados requires almost no chewing and have very smile ranch orthodonticslow odds of getting stuck. Since they mimic the shapely curves of a woman, Old World Spain was so offended by the shape that Catholic priests prohibited their consumption. Another added benefit is that avocados have become so mainstream that you’ll likely be able to find this food in any restaurant you dine, whether it’s Mexican for a low key holiday or fine dining for a night to remember.


To match avocados, bananas are another option. They’re also soft, sweet and easy to chew. These fruits are known as a love potion on a global scale. Most people know that Eve tempted Adam with an apple, but what’s forgotten is that they then covered themselves with banana leaves. Add even more lusciousness to the mix by opting for bananas dipped in dark chocolate.


Spice Things Up


The trick to adding seasonings and herbs to your Valentine’s Day dinner is to opt for well-ground additions. Basil promotes the body’s circulation, and even the ancient Greeks spoke of its incredible aphrodisiac impact. And garlic? Some people call it a mood killer because of the pungency, but if you follow it up with a mint, you can indulge in the fact that it’s actually prone to enhance pleasurable feelings (such as like and love).


Eggs, especially raw, are supposed to give your amorous nature a real kick. They also smile ranch orthodontics invisalignbalance your hormone levels and help minimize stress, which are all great things for a night with your sweetheart. For an extra boost of protein, don’t forget about the beloved oyster—swallowed whole, there’s zero chances of them getting in the way of romance.


Liquid Elixirs


Italian researchers say that red wine puts your romantic nature into overdrive, so it’s the perfect complement to your meal. Avoiding alcohol? Pomegranate juice ups hormone levels by 30 percent, and that’s something that can make men and women alike feel a little more affectionate However, if you prefer something sweet to end the night, try honey on for size. Clear, sweet and a natural nectar which, according to scientists, offers something tantalizing and seductive.


However, if you really want to know the secret to a Valentine’s Day filled with fun and romance, confidence is key. There’s nothing more attractive, no matter what’s on your plate than a loving smile. Enjoy your favorite treats, pass out candy hearts to your loved ones and let some fine chocolate melt in your mouth and you’re guaranteed to end the night with a smile on your face.

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