The Benefits of Smiling

January 7, 2015

There’s more to a smile than what meets the eye. Smiling brings us many benefits, physical, emotional, and social. Take a look at some of the top benefits that can come from smiling, and how making an effort to smile more will have a positive influence on your life.


Lowering Stress


Sometimes stressful situations can get the best of us. By having a smile on our face, it can help take away some of the stress and anxiety you might be feeling. There are things on a biological level that happen when we smile including lower healthier heart rates.




When you smile your brain naturally releases endorphins, which are the main chemical component that work to make us feel happy. Even if you are faking a smile, the process will still happen, helping you to feel good. The more you smile, the happier you will feel. This is especially important in those stressful situations when it may seem like smiling is the last thing you want to do.




A lot of what we do is as a result of our body’s natural response. When we are caught doing something we shouldn’t, or find ourselves in an embarrassing situation, often the first response we have is to smile. This instinct is because of the empathy it will produce in those we are interacting with, helping to ease some of the negative feelings we are having.


Reduce Pain


Both smiling and laughing have been known to reduce pain when hurt, both physical and emotional pain. In part this could be attributed to the endorphins released while smiling. When you’re feeling down, find something to help you smile. It will do wonders for your situation.


Immune System


The production of white blood cells in our bodies increases with smiling. This will be instrumental in helping to boost our immune system, fighting illnesses as they come. One specific study concluded that children who were hospitalized and visited by story-tellers who made them smile had higher white blood cell counts than those who did not get the same benefit. In this way, smiling was crucial in helping to strengthen the immune system.

A smile means so much more than what you think. Make sure that you are smiling every day to increase your mental and physical health. Ensure your smile is at its best by brushing, flossing, and properly taking care of your orthodontic work when necessary.

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