Tips to Keep Track of Your Retainer

July 14, 2014

tips for retainers

You’ve spent months or maybe even years in braces creating a confident smile — so the last thing you want to do is lose the device that helps you keep it! Keep in mind that if it is lost, you, or your parents, will be the one shelling out the extra big bucks for a new retainer, and you’ll probably have to take new impressions. And we all know that nobody wants to do that.

1. Never Wrap It UpWhile a retainer on the lunch table might not be the most appetizing sight, hiding it in a napkin is a quick way to accidentally send your retainer into the trash can. Instead, bring along a retainer case that you can quickly store in your purse or backpack during lunch.

2. If it’s not in your mouth it is in its case. Make this a habit.

3. Create designated spots to keep your retainer.  Whether it’s a certain pocket of your backpack, a personal drawer in the bathroom or a special spot on your dresser, you’ll always know where it is.

4. Make sure that you wear it when you are supposed to. If you’re wearing your retainer when you’re supposed to, you’re much less likely to lose it.  If you wait until your teeth start to feel uncomfortable to dig it out, you’re asking for more trouble than just remembering where you put it!

5. Lastly, keep it clean! Soak it in cleaning solution, or use your toothbrush or a fresh towel to keep it clean. If it tastes and smells clean you will have an easier time wanting to keep it in your mouth.  (Mouthwash, fresh water, and hydrogen peroxide are good solutions for soaking your retainer).

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