Traditional Braces or Invisalign®?

August 6, 2013

Orthodontics is a specialty within the dentistry field that focuses on straightening misaligned teeth and malocclusions. Correcting malocclusions involves treating problems with the bite and is often done using braces. Orthodontia also focuses on fixing crooked teeth to ensure that a person has a stunning smile. Corrective treatment involves closing large gaps and ensuring that teeth are properly aligned.Braces Salt Lake City Utah

Orthodontists focus on straightening teeth for both functional and cosmetic purposes. After losing one’s baby teeth, adult teeth grow in but usually in angles that cause problems for chewing and biting. Crooked teeth can cause problems in spacing between the teeth and this makes dental hygiene more difficult.

One product that is designed for use in straightening and aligning teeth is Invisalign®. Invisalign® consists of a set of plastic aligners that are worn for about two weeks at a time and changed at the end of each session. Each set of the aligners exert some force on the teeth in order to pull them into position. The devices are a great alternative to traditional braces.  Invisalign® aligners have several advantages: they are designed to be as close to invisible as possible. On top of this, the aligners are easy to remove for eating, drinking and dental hygiene. As a result, the patient to eat an unrestricted diet and promote overall better oral health at the same time their teeth are being adjusted.


Here at Smile Ranch Orthodontics we are experts in all things Invisalign® to help teens and adult alike to achieve gorgeous smiles. Learn more about Invisalign® by visiting our website or come into our office for an exam!

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