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5 Famous Athletes Who Used Orthodontic Braces

Here are 5 famous athletes who rocked the sports world with braces.

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Selecting The Coolest Colors For Your Braces

So you just got braces, and now you’re faced with making the most difficult decision of your young life: selecting colors. There is an infinite amount of combos and colors, but discovering the right combo for you is essential. Follow these simple guidelines and own your smile. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up being the kid with the coolest colors in school.

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Christmas Candy & Braces: What’s Going to Get You on the Naughty List?

Christmas parties, festivities, lights, gifts, giving, and…. broken brackets? Don’t let poor choices ruin your holiday season this year. This Christmas, keep your teeth healthy by choosing the right candy to eat with braces.

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Braces and Candy: What You Need To Know

We all know a sugary treat can be hard to resist! Learn more about what candy is and isn’t safe for your braces so you can keep them in good shape!

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Braces and Sports: How to Protect Your Mouth

Keep your teeth safe each season by following our sports guidelines! It’s important to make sure you have the right equipment, learn more about what we offer and if it could work for you.

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