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Smile Ranch Orthodontics care centers in South Jordan, Lehi, and Salt Lake City have been delivering stunning results for more than 25 years. We understand just how powerful a confident, radiant smile can be. It’s more than aesthetic, it’s an asset. Our team of experienced staff brings quality care and unparalleled professionalism to Utah orthodontics to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; our customers’ smiles speak for themselves. If you’ve exhausted that search for “orthodontic experts near me,” look no further. We’re here to answer all of your questions about orthodontic care in the Salt Lake City area.

How Smile Ranch Does Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on fixing dental issues like bite problems, misalignments, and other oral irregularities. Although you might picture a young teen with a mouth full of metal braces when you hear the word “orthodontics,” our family of patients consists of people of all ages, from early childhood to late adulthood.

We use a wide variety of orthodontic treatments and appliances, such as braces and aligners, to correct bite issues, fix misalignment, close gaps, and address other aesthetic and functional problems. Our passion is providing access to effective treatment options that fit the needs, goals, and lifestyle of the individual, knowing that there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment.

Spreading Smiles Throughout Utah

At Smile Ranch Orthodontics, we have a heart for the health, wellness, and confidence of our community here in the great state of Utah. Our handpicked team of office staff and orthodontic professionals is dedicated to providing unmatched care and support throughout every step of your treatment journey.

Not only do we pride ourselves on top-of-the-line dental care, we’re also committed to making our patients feel right at home the moment they step into our inviting, ranch-style offices. You’ll be greeted with warm smiles, knowledgeable staff members, and even fresh baked cookies. With us, the dread of orthodontic visits becomes a thing of the past.

Comprehensive Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic services customized to meet the varied needs of each patient. Our most popular treatments include:

  • Traditional Braces: For patients who prefer tried and true methods with decades of successful results, the traditional route might be for you. We offer traditional braces that are custom-crafted with precision. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan that addresses their unique orthodontic needs, aims to meet aesthetic goals, and ensures a happy, healthy smile.
  • Damon (Self-Ligating) Braces: Damon braces are newer to the world of orthodontics. Their cutting-edge design eliminates the need for ligatures (wires and bands that hold the brackets together), featuring a sliding mechanism that allows the archwire to move easily. Unlike traditional braces, Damon braces continuously tighten the teeth little by little, resulting in faster results, minimized pain and discomfort, and fewer visits to your Utah ortho doctor. Utah residents especially love the option to select clear or tooth-colored ceramic Damon braces for a lower-profile look.
  • Invisalign: We’re proud to offer Invisalign, the original and leading brand of clear aligners. When you visit a Smile Ranch Orthodontics specialist in Salt Lake City, Lehi, or South Jordan, we’ll use 3D technology to craft a series of custom aligners just for you. Patients love the ability to align their smile without a mouth full of wires and bands, making everyday life easier.
  • Early Orthodontics: At Smile Ranch Orthodontics, we provide early orthodontic intervention for children, which focuses on identifying and correcting potential alignment issues before they intensify.
  • Adult Orthodontics: No matter your age, it’s not too late to reach your orthodontic goals. Many of our treatments cater specifically to the unique needs of adult patients, carefully factoring in aesthetics and lifestyle.
Utah Orthodontics

Why Our Services Stand Out

  • Innovative Technology: The science behind orthodontic procedures is ever-evolving. Providing the best possible care is always our priority, so we stay on the cutting edge of orthodontic advancements. When you visit our offices, you’ll find state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging tools. These allow us to better create custom treatments tailored to your individual needs.
  • Personalized Care: Our team of professionals cares about you, the individual. During each consultation and appointment, we make sure your concerns are addressed and questions are answered. We guarantee that your treatment plan will be carefully tailored to fit your unique case, preferences, and goals. In addition, our welcoming staff will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, cared for, and at home.
  • Rewards and Incentives: Smile Ranch Orthodontics strives to go the extra mile to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our “Smile Bucks” rewards system provides incentives for patients who refer friends, follow hygiene and care procedures at home, wear their Smile Ranch t-shirt to appointments, and even earn good grades at school.

    But that’s not all. When you visit Smile Ranch, we also offer freshly baked cookies ready to be enjoyed by each patient.

Your Comfort is Our Top Priority

We understand that patients of all ages often experience fear and anxiety when it comes to orthodontic examinations and procedures. These apprehensions are completely normal and understandable, and we want to do everything we can to alleviate them so you can achieve that gorgeous grin. That’s why we offer our patients practical strategies to help combat and overcome orthodontic anxiety:

  • Open Communication: Our orthodontists are all about honest and direct communication. We want you to feel completely comfortable to ask questions, voice concerns, and discuss any fear you might have regarding the process. It’s our goal to support you along the way so that you can trust and depend on us.
  • Research: For many, fear and anxiety simply stem from not knowing what to expect. The unknown can be a scary place. Prior to your first appointment, take some time to research the orthodontic process and procedures. Our website is a great place to start, with helpful informational pages, as well as blogs on a wide variety of orthodontic related topics. You’ll find a wellspring of information ranging from what to expect at your first appointment to step-by-step processes for the procedures we offer.
  • Consider the Benefits: Considering the positive impact and benefits that your treatment will have in your life is a great way to help dispel fears and anxiety. Remind yourself of the cosmetic glow-up, health improvements, and other issues your treatment will address. The journey might not always be a walk in the park, but we’ll make sure the end result is well worth it.
  • Explore Your Options: Remember that you have several options at your disposal. We offer a variety of correction treatments, from traditional braces to Invisalign. If you’re feeling unsure about a particular procedure, chat with your orthodontist about alternatives that will fit your lifestyle and comfort level.
  • Bring a Support Person: Sometimes, just the presence of someone you trust can make all the difference. Here at Smile Ranch Orthodontics, we’re happy to welcome whoever that might be (and yes, they get a cookie, too).
  • Rely on Rewards: Not only can you make the most of our “Smile Bucks” rewards system, you can also come up with your own. Give yourself something to look forward to after each appointment and milestone. Then, focus on the reward to help you push forward with determination.
  • Find a Distraction: If you need something to take your mind off of things while you’re in the waiting room or in the chair, we encourage you to bring something that will provide a distraction. Grab a pair of headphones and listen to your favorite music album, an audiobook, or that true crime podcast you can’t get enough of.
  • Consider Sedation: Everyone’s fears and anxieties are different. Here at Smile Ranch, we’re committed to doing everything in our power to give you a stress-free experience. For some patients with considerable fear surrounding oral procedures, sedation is an option that can help to put your mind at ease. If you think sedation might be the best route for you, be sure to discuss it with your orthodontist.

Smile Ranch’s Inclusive Pricing and Financing

Orthodontic treatments can vary significantly in price. Several factors can play into the final, out-of-pocket cost, including:

  • Type of Treatment: Each treatment option comes with different price points. Premier treatments, like Damon braces or Invisalign, will likely cost a bit more than traditional braces but may not take as long to complete.
  • Treatment Length: The length of your treatment plan will depend on your case severity, choice of treatment, and adherence to at-home care and maintenance. Longer treatment paths will cost more because of the need for additional appointments and materials, while shorter treatment timelines will lower the final bill.
  • Insurance Coverage: Most dental insurance plans will partially cover most treatments. Check with your provider to see what is covered and what your copays and out-of-pocket costs might be.
  • Payment Plans: Finances shouldn’t hinder you from receiving the orthodontic care you need. That’s why we offer flexible financing options, including payment plans and insurance options. We believe in transparency that you can trust, so we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate during your initial consultation and discuss all of your options with you.
Orthodontics Treatment

Begin Your Journey to a Brighter Smile Today

Your search for an “orthodontic consultation near me” doesn’t have to end in a headache. Booking your consultation with Smile Ranch Orthodontics is as easy as filling out our online form or picking up the phone. Our friendly office staff is ready to answer any questions you might have and to serve you and your family. So, if you’re ready to begin the journey to a happier, healthier smile, book your consultation today at our Salt Lake City, Lehi, or South Jordan orthodontic offices today.

Smile Ranch Orthodontics

Smile Support Staff

With their extensive knowledge and friendly demeanor, our dedicated Orthodontic team ensures that every patient receives personalized attention and support throughout their orthodontic journey, making the path to a perfect smile as comfortable and smooth as possible. You can trust our exceptional orthodontic team to be your smile’s greatest advocates and partners in achieving the results you desire.

Smile Ranch Google Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stacy Olson

Three out of four kids have had braces through Smile Ranch in Lehi. They have been awesome to work with and have worked around our schedule. Thank you!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michelle Williams

We have been using Dr Jensen for a year. It has been a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain to his clients. Great staff and program.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amelia Miyasaki

We love Smile Ranch! Dr. J is fantastic, and the office staff is outstanding! The office is super efficient (three patients in and we’ve never had an unreasonable wait) but we never feel like a number, everyone is so helpful and friendly.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Whitney Rasmussen

Dr. J did my braces a few years ago and I was so amazed with his work. I absolutely love my smile and have received so many compliments on my teeth. I send everyone I know to the smile ranch, including my own kids who have just started braces!! 😁 woo hoo! They also have the best staff and make it so fun. Fresh cookies and rewards for the kids to earn smile bucks that turn into gift cards👍 We love smile ranch!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aubrie Haymore

We love Dr. J and all the staff! They are soooo kind and my sons bite has improved and we are so grateful! We love them and I’ll bring all my kids here!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rachel Gardner

I love Smile Ranch! I took my oldest daughter here over a year ago. Her teeth look great. Im now back with my 10 year old daughter and myself. Dr J is extremely good at what he does and his staff are amazing. The most welcoming, loving and positive energy. My daughter has anxiety and Dr J and his staff have been so great to talk with her and explain what they are doing. They have eased her worries. They stay on schedule, but you never feel they are rushing you out their door. They truly care about you as a person and take pride in a job well done. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Emily Chidester

I am on my fourth child having orthodontic treatment from Smile Ranch and couldn’t be happier. Initially I went to three other orthodontics for consults and felt that Dr. Alan Jensen was the only orthodontist with the experienced needed to care for my one of my child’s treatment. We have had traditional braces, expanders, and Invisalign. The care we receive from the doctor and staff each time we visit is wonderful. I know that my children are getting the best smiles thanks to the care at Smile Ranch.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amy Sackett
This is the best place ever! You are so loved everyone is invested on you. It’s the most personable kind environment. And homemade cookies every visit. What’s not to love about that.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Robyn Green

We love Smile Ranch! We’ve had nothing but positive experiences and everyone there is amazing and friendly. It feels like a second home, so comfortable and welcoming.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Betsy Broadwater

I love this office! Dr. Jensen and staff make it so easy! They’re so kind to my family and they do a great job. They’re super easy to schedule with. They have a fun office atmosphere and I love taking my boys in. They know what they are doing and they do it well. They give us (all of us!) cookies after every appointment, the office is nice and clean and we are going to miss coming in here now that boys are getting braces off! … and most importantly, my boys’ teeth look fabulous!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Julie Johnson

Happy, clean atmosphere with friendly staff. We appreciate the care and attention they give. We have been very impressed with Dr. Jensen and the hygienists and their expertise. We have been very happy with the results so far!

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