Why Braces?

August 6, 2013

Braces are the best way for most people to achieve straight, aligned teeth. No matter what kind of braces you choose, your teeth are slowly moved into proper position under the supervision of an excellent orthodontist available here at Smile Ranch Orthodontics. Depending on your unique situation, braces might be required for a few months or a few years. Unlike porcelain veneers, which require your teeth to be shaved down, braces simply maneuver your teeth into the place they were always supposed to be. This maneuvering maintains your teeth’s strength and durability. While many people opt for braces for aesthetic reasons, there are also negative side effects when teeth aren’t properly aligned.

Clear Braces on a teeth modelColored Braces on a teeth model
Teeth grinding, crowded teeth that don’t allow for proper flossing or brushing, and gapped teeth that attract bacteria are fairly common. By correcting the position of teeth, these side effects often go away. However, even when a person “only” wants braces for aesthetic reasons, there’s a lot more to it than getting a few more dates. When a person is confident in their smile, it’s easier to build relationships whether romantic, professional or friendships. Everyone can benefit from a self-esteem boost, and studies show that people with a great smile are more successful in all aspects of their life. They’re seen as more outgoing, more social, more attractive and healthier.
Gone are the days when braces didn’t come with options. You can now choose from a variety of colors or even Invisalign, which is nearly impossible to detect. Whether you want to show off your personality with some turquoise braces or prefer to stay under the radar with Invisalign, it’s up to you. The orthodontists and staff at Smile Ranch Orthodontics want to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the process. Getting a perfect smile naturally takes time, but it’s worth it. Stop practicing that closed-mouth smile and get the grin you were meant to have.
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