Celebs on Fixing Their Crooked Teeth—Or Not

January 15, 2014

Here’s one piece of Kardashian gossip you may have missed: In May of 2013, Khloe Kardashian got “adult braces” at the age of 28. Haven’t noticed them even though she’s plastered all over every entertainment magazine after filing for divorce? That’s because she actually got Invisalign, a virtually invisible device that straightens teeth while flying way under the radar. Her dentist tweeted a photo after her appointment to show just how discreet even a Kardashian can be.

Khloe isn’t the only celeb to get hung up on her less than perfect teeth. Heather Locklear once told a reporter that, “When I look in the mirror, I see the girl I was when I was growing up with braces, crooked teeth, a baby face and a skinny body.” Of course, Heather belongs in the camp of old school teeth straighteners, growing up in an era when “brace face” was a true (not ironic) insult and the only option was a gleaming silver device—now, teens have a plethora of choices whether they prefer subtlety like Khloe or a custom colored grill.

Straightening Teeth Goes Mainstream

Not that long ago, the subject of teeth straightening wasn’t exactly taboo, but it wasn’t thoroughly discussed in pop culture. Instead, it was relegated to the occasional nostalgic nod in teen dramas or music videos. Rapper J. Cole just changed all that with his single “Crooked Smile” which has been climbing up the Billboard charts. With lyrics like, “They tell me I should fix my smile ‘cause I got money now/I ain’t gonna sit around and front like I ain’t thought about it/a perfect smile is more appealing,” it’s clear that white, straight teeth are the new standard for beauty.

The good news (well, not for the younger J. Cole) is that obtaining straight teeth isn’t as expensive as many people think. Invisalign, when it comes to price, is right on par with “regular” braces at Smile Ranch Orthodontics. However, it’s not just cost that kept many people (celebs or not) from jumping on the perfect smile bandwagon—myths of painful procedures, the inability to eat certain foods and intimacy blunders all played a role. However, the reality of braces is finally being spread and whether you love or love to hate the Kardashians, at least one of them is doing her part.

Define Perfection

Some celebrities make their crooked teeth work for them, like Jewel. There can certainly be beauty in flaws, but straightening your teeth often isn’t solely a vanity move. Crowded teeth can lead to the inability to brush or floss well, which in turn can lead to disease and cavities. Did Katherine Heigl get her snaggle tooth fixed (finally) for aesthetics or health? That’s a secret between her and her dentist, but it was likely a combination of the two.

Just like your haircut, clothing style and any body art, only you can decide if you’d prefer to nix the crooked smile for something more aligned. If you’re ready to find out more, start with a reputable orthodontic team (like us!) that specializes in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. You won’t end up on the cover of Entertainment Weekly because of it, but you’ll still be red carpet material with a grin to match.

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