Easy Ways to Make Braces Less Noticeable

December 9, 2013

Easy Ways to Make Braces Less Noticeable

Braces certainly don’t carry the stigma they used to—in fact, thanks to hipsters and geek chic trends, braces are even trending right now. Wherever it came from, a gleamed-up grill is right up there with thick, horn-rimmed glasses when it comes to style. However, there are still some people who would rather not announce to the world that they’re correcting their smile with straighter teeth, and that’s okay! Here are a few easy ways to make your braces a little less noticeable.

1. Choose Invisalign

The best way to hide your braces is to choose a nearly invisible alternative, Invisalign. Invisalign makes people look a few times before realizing you have braces. They’re colorless, blend in with your teeth, and are just as effective as traditional braces.

Putting an invisalign retainer in

2. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene isn’t just necessary to keep you and your mouth healthy, it’s also the best way to keep braces on the down low. Clean braces are healthy braces—plus, it can take a little getting used to before you’re a champ at keeping food out of your braces. Follow all care instructions for your braces provided by your orthodontist.

A woman smiling with braces holding toothbrushes

3. Pick the Right Color

With braces, there are a wide variety of color options for your bands! However, keep in mind that just like painting a room, not every color is a smart one. If you go with white, you’d be better off with Invisalign, since this color can make teeth look dull. Black is too severe for many, and green—well, if you’re not keen on having broccoli stuck in your teeth, why mimic it? Blue is a good, neutral choice and goes great with blue eyes. Pink and orange are also good choices. Basically, choose any color that helps your teeth stand out in the right way.

A closeup on a girl's braces with teal bands.

4. Get the Smile Right

You don’t have to hide in pictures while wearing braces, but if you’re worried about smiling with braces, you can practice a natural, closed-mouth smile. The best way to achieve this is by smiling while showing your teeth and then closing your lips. Too tight of a smile looks unnatural—spend some time in front of the mirror to perfect it.

A teenage boy smiling with his mouth closed.

5. Play Up Your Eyes

Start experimenting with those eye makeup techniques you’ve been considering, like a colored smoky eye or extended cat wings with liquid liner. Drawing attention to other features will downplay the braces. You can also wear clothes that make your eye color pop out rather than your teeth!

6. Take Care of Your Lips

Just because you may put your bright red lipstick on hold for a while doesn’t mean you can forego lip care all together—and this goes for men, too. Dry, chapped lips bring attention to your mouth and then your braces will act as the double feature. Find a lip balm you like, preferably with an SPF, and lightly brush lips with a clean toothbrush to keep them exfoliated.

A teenage girl smiling with braces and bright red lipstick.

7. Own It

Most importantly, try to not feel self-conscious and remember that you won’t have braces forever. The better you feel about yourself, the more confidence you’ll enjoy so play with styles and get to know (and like!) the “you” with braces, because that person won’t be around for much longer.

Need More Braces Tips?

If you’re new to braces, the best way to make them less noticeable is to take care of them! Want more tips? Check out our beginner’s guide to braces! If you have any questions about your braces, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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